The Rise of Streetwear in Leicester - Interview with Hortons

I recently sat down with the Marketing Content Creator at Hortons to talk all things about the brand.

Give us an introduction to yourself.

Hey! Born and bred in Leicester UK, big up the LC, Im a freelance graphic designer working within the fashion industry.

Tell us a bit about KLATCH…

Klatch is a streetwear inspired accessories brand focusing on premium products for everyday life. With the brand we aim to raise awareness for Men’s mental health, we donate 10% of all profits to Movember Charity.

 What makes you different?

Usually brands think about accessories as a secondary product line that sits along side clothing. For me it’s my main focus, the investment goes into creating the best products I can, through the best supply chains possible. My products are made all to my own specifications using a range of fabrics from cotton to nylon.

How have you found it trying to launch a streetwear brand?

It is difficult, but I love it! The most enjoyable part is thinking of an idea, putting pen to paper, (yes I still use paper and pen in 2022!), and then seeing the idea come to life when a sample arrives. When someone orders that product it’s the best feeling in the world.

What are your long term goals for the company?

One of my long term goals is to create a community of customers/fans/followers that see Klatch as their number one accessories brand. However, the biggest aim is to build a community where males can feel safe to talk about their feelings, if I can do this through a shared passion of the product then I’m happy. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your products?

My inspiration comes from skateboarding, snowboarding and music. Growing up I listened to a range of 90’s Hip Hop to Grunge metal whilst going on yearly snowboard trips to Europe. I look back on these experiences for inspiration.

How would you describe the streetwear industry in Leicester?

There are some great streetwear brands coming out of Leicester at the moment, mainly as Leicester has a rich history within the garment industry which is still some of the best in the UK. My late Grandad even had a garment factory back in the 70’s & 80’s, he got me into fashion.

What has been your biggest achievement up to now?

A couple of big achievements that I’m super stoked on, first would be doing a two Pop Ups at the House of Vans skatepark in London, where I return on the 3rd of December. The second would be selling to people I don’t know, the fact they have invested their hard earned money into buying one of my products is amazing.

How and why did you become so involved with Movember?

After having my own Mental Health struggles, I found Movember had a lot of resources that I could easily access through their website. It only felt right that I chose Movember Charity to donate to.

Why is using environmentally and sustainable materials so important to you?

Before I had any designs, I knew I had to find the right manufacturer that was sustainable, from paying their work force correctly to using sustainable materials. We only have one planet, let’s look after it. 

What’s your favourite part about owning a local, independent business?

Growing up in a rural village in South Leicestershire, it’s a great feeling launching this business in my hometown. I love representing the city when people ask where I am from when I do pop ups around the UK. Whenever I sell products to someone from Leicester I do a little dance and feel so buzzing that I might see them around the city wearing the product.


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