About Us

klatch co Leicester streetwear brand about me photo collage

So you have landed here, which means a couple of things, you are either lost or you would like to know more about who we are! Hopefully it's the later, so we've summarised our journey below.
Klatch Co is a Leicester based Streetwear inspired accessories brand, with the aim of creating minimalist products for everyday life.
Independently owned (by Matt, featured above), a freelance fashion graphics designer born and bred in Leicester, UK. Matt has spent over 10 years in the fashion industry designing for brands such as Adidas, KROST, Manchester United and Harris Tweed to name a few.
Whilst gaining this experience Matt realised a gap in the UK market for high quality accessories at an everyday price point.
The idea was born but what could the brand be called? After suffering for many years with Mental Health issues Matt want the brand had to have purpose, how can the brand be used to help others. That's where the name Klatch came about, the meaning of Klatch is to have an 'informal social gathering at which coffee is served'. The idea of meeting up with friends, family, work mates and being comfortable enough to talk about anything is so important right now - especially after covid.
A charity that really helped Matt through his years of suffering was Movember. Their website had a fountain of resources to read through and helplines to call. It only felt right that Movember was the charity of choice for Klatch to donate 10% of it's annual profits to and help raise awareness for Men’s mental health and raise awareness for male suicide.